Dune overload or am I genuine not liking God Emperor of Dune?

I’ve learn(listened truly) thru the Dune books, Dune itself used to be not likely, the forged truly brought it to lifestyles, it made me must continue the myth, so I went straight into Dune Messiah, and again, blitzed thru it, loved it, characters were mountainous, myth used to be mountainous, hit up Youngsters of Dune, writing appears to swap a exiguous (to me) nonetheless in the destroy aloof scrumptious and rewarding learn. Now I’m about 25% thru God Emperor of Dune and it genuine hasn’t zigzag me the identical as the preceding 3, I’m in doubt if it’s a ways the reasonably slight forged so a ways, the setup/catchup of whats been occurring since Youngsters etc nonetheless I’m feeling disheartened and as though if I catch not catch it I would possibly likely even not circulate over not radiant. Any individual else feel like that or am I genuine overloades with Dune, which is extremely that you’ll likely be ready to notify!

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