Rereading books struggles

I’m uncertain if I’m the appropriate particular person who has this field nonetheless if I strive to reread books i form of “take into account” 2 steps before the build I’m?

I am going to claim I originate very immersive worlds as I read so when I read a e-book the 2nd time it be nearly love I’m observing a movie for the 2nd time nonetheless its playing 2x and the memory is playing at 50% opacity ontop of the rewatch just a few seconds ahead.

“Johnny acknowledged Karen became going to originate the job” “Karen became going to originate the job you asked her”

Each playing on the an analogous time.

I attempted to chat over with my partner about this nonetheless she looked as if I became gonna originate tantalizing our sneakers or something haha

Wondering if somebody else experiences this?

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