[SPOILER] [DISCUSSION] East of Eden Ending

Currently I’ve finished the book East of Eden. I picked it up primarily because of I’ve heard such magnificence of it. And I won’t lie, as I read it I could per chance well survey what of us intended. The descriptions Steinbeck introduced into his pages had been so elegant and quiet; it became once as if I became once honest there with the characters. The story became once beneficial, and I bear Fragment 1 of East of Eden became once potentially the precise a part of a book I’ve ever read. The characters had been so properly written and I could per chance well exclaim to nearly all of them. The kind the stories intertwined after which concluded after which spawned more deeper stories, became once in fact outstanding.

On the opposite hand

As I read thru the book, I couldn’t help but receive myself repeatedly looking forward to the ending. I knew it’d be beneficial. And for the time being I’ve been torn on if it in fact became once. I’ll prove:

>! As I read the final 50 pages of the book, I began to feel as if it became once ending too fleet. The ending itself felt rushed to me. The total in-depth descriptions we grew so obsolete to all over the book, whether or not they’re surrounding a space and even a personality’s solutions, are fully missing. Cal’s response to his brother death became once barely even described; and it became once as if his response to his father rejecting his $15,000 became any other time of a heartbreak to him than his private brother’s death. Abra doesn’t even seem to bat an leer when she finds out that the boy she had liked for nearly all of her childhood has been killed. The ideal reactions I could per chance well model had been Lee’s and Adam’s.

I felt as although Aaron suddenly obtained bumped out of the story, too. He joins the military and dies internal the matter of a handful of pages. The final we ever glean of his character is of a transient refined letter he writes to his father. It felt cheap to me, that this character we had grown to esteem and empathise with, became once met with a death that had such cramped effort to it.

Perhaps I’m making an are trying ahead to too out of the ordinary for a scenario the place a family has been destroyed all within the span of a day. Nonetheless in a book that had been to this level written beautifully and structured incredibly, i would possibly per chance well no longer help but feel as if the final 50 pages would possibly per chance well had been done out of the ordinary greater if they spanned 100 !<

I’d esteem to possess a discussion about this, what are your solutions?

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