Taylor’s personality state.(worm)

Worm is net serial about superheroes. Its a legend where heroes in point of fact can die,it has very attention-grabbing exercise of powers. There’s now not any such thing as a dark and white, everyone is in shades of gray. The net serial is practically free to learn, i’d completely recommend it.

To the other folk that bear already learn it, i bear some questions for you(could presumably maintain spoilers)

Can you guys post about the personality state of Taylor, minor spoilers are high-quality. I’m any individual who has learn 2 arcs of the serial. Cherished the legend but i’m skeptical about Taylor, she is lawful naive.

Will she discover darker or maintains her naivete. Will she be a be half of the villian camp, or grow to be surely one of the important the darkish loathed protector of the town?

What she she does with the money, it kinda pisses me off that she didnt exercise the salary from undersiders, as she was skeptical about where it got right here from.

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