The Fool by Dostoevsky

So I appropriate executed this e-book no longer too long ago and modified into…upset. I’ve begun reading Dostoevsky’s main work in chronological notify. So appropriate coming off Crime and Punishment – a literary masterpiece which had an immeasurable toll on my psyche and concept – I modified into observing for a more developed and gripping new to succeed it, that being The Fool.

Whereas the e-book modified into keen in parts (specifically Parts 1 and 4 for me). I felt it appropriate dragged on, repeating a variation of The Prince being in a dilemma, and then being chastised for the design he dealt with it, by being known as some variation of idiotic. Total, it did not seem to pack the identical punch as Notes from the Underground or C&P. It did not actually explore the human psyche as well to it be predecessors also, in my gape.

I felt the ending modified into pretty predictable. Rogozhin felt underdeveloped; I know folk attribute passions to his motivation, nevertheless I assemble no longer feel there would possibly be ample evidence to design any such conclusion. From my working out each of the three important characters had been supposed to contemplate the three dimensions of F.: his unwavering devotion to his religion (the prince); the nihilism he skilled and modified into surrounded by all over his exile (Ippolit); nevertheless what dimension did Rogozhin symbolize? I modified into awaiting Ippolit’s role in direction of the end, in particular after ‘The Clarification’; nevertheless his affect on the memoir regarded as if it would peter off.

I guess the e-book modified into seeking to answer this keep apart a query to: is there any room on this world for a upright and pure man. Whereas I agreed with his resolution within the end, I assemble no longer mediate it modified into delivered within the profound design that modified into equivalent to his old books.

Whereas I stammer this, the e-book in itself could presumably smartly be a upright and even huge e-book when put next to diversified literature; nevertheless it absolutely tranquil left me a puny bit upset shiny what F. modified into in a position to with his old works. On to Demons now, which I’m tranquil occupied with.

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