The Memoir In the help of A Bridge Between Us by K.K. Allen

By K.K. Allen

Take a wild fling throughout the cornfields and grapevines of a tiny mountain city of Telluride, Colorado, and you’ll earn a panoramic story of younger cherish, heartbreak, and an ominous threat that lurks in the background. Camila Bell and Ridge Nasty are rivals by blood and enthusiasts at heart. As future heirs to their families’ land, they make a rapid, tumultuous friendship that builds into so worthy extra.

Torn between cherish, loyalty, and circumstances, Ridge and Camila earn themselves stopping against all odds for a future that looks doomed from the origin. Spanning a long time through say, separation, and an timeless bond, this anecdote cherish story is ideally apt for enthusiasts of tiny city romance with a splash of suspense thrown in.

Hailed as “the original age Romeo and Juliet” with “Yellowstone series feels,” and a “Hatfield-McCoy” form-feud, A Bridge Between Us is an emotional and compelling romantic suspense with descriptive scenes that immerse readers straight into the story. You’ll watch the at ease dart blowing across the wildflowers, you’ll hear the swish of cornstalks as you toddle throughout the fields, you’ll delight in the model of traditional wine that percolates your senses, and you’ll feel the toddle of a first kiss that you just difficulty might per chance per chance per chance moral be your final.

Can two extensive name-crossed enthusiasts continue to exist their doomed destiny and rewrite their future sooner than it’s too slack?

“We’ve heard tales of Orpheus + Eurydice, Romeo + Juliet, Heathcliff + Catherine, and now we now own got Ridge Nasty + Camila Bell. K.K. Allen has written what has to be one amongst the Prime Books of 2020! A entertaining fling of cherish, hope, and loss. Ridge and Camila are additionally one amongst my celebrated couples. They’re two souls who are dash collectively irrespective of the gap and time.” E book(b)ish

K.K. Allen is the author of the original book A Bridge Between Us.

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