Tousled Penguin Vintage Classics version of a book, publisher may perhaps not acknowledge.

Whereas in one other metropolis, I equipped a replica of the Penguin Vintage Classics version of Walden by Thoreau.

I purchased home and chanced on that, halfway thru the book, fifteen pages of the Walden textual command material are missing, they typically’ve inserted fifteen pages of Huckleberry Finn.

The book shop at which I equipped the replica is many miles away so I can not return it there, I emailed Penguin publishing twice, months ago, they typically’ll not acknowledge. I’m out a pair of dollars, no broad deal, I command I’m posting this to a) warn others from looking out to receive this replica, b) vent my gentle frustration at being ripped off by a indispensable publisher, and c) to query if anyone has any pointers tackle who to contact? I is seemingly to be chuffed to receive a corrected version of the book with the an analogous duvet.

I even agree with visited a pair of book stores in my metropolis and chanced on this identical imperfect version on the cupboards, I told crew they typically are saying they’ll receive it seemed after they typically’re going to alert the publisher, but months later and the an analogous book is quiet on the cupboards waiting to disappoint a reader. I’m somewhat shocked that no-one looks to provide a sh*t about this roughly book-ruining error. Or perhaps it be assumed that no-one is de facto going to read Walden so who cares.


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