Can a Deus Ex Machina surely be honest?

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I no longer too prolonged ago replied to yet every other thread about Stephen King’s The Stand and the most effective design I did now not cherish the ending and in overall fill no longer mediate King is honest at endings. Quite loads of of us agreed with me and a form of posted how they did now not cherish the Deus Ex Machina nature of just a few of his endings.

I fill no longer surely beget to accept into discussing Stephen King as the assorted thread has that lined but it did accept me thinking. Can a Deus Ex Machina surely be honest if written smartly adequate?

My instinct response was as soon as of route. The relaxation written smartly adequate shall be honest.

There could be also the fact that the time frame is gradually misapplied to issues that don’t look like Deus Ex Machina. A chunk cherish the time frame ‘arena gap’. It be a form of terms that is now within the mainstream and of us know they are supposed to abominate it whilst no longer completely working out what it’s.

Having said that, I was as soon as searching to think examples of honest ones and I couldn’t surely think any. Perchance I am putrid and by nature it’s fair correct inherently unpleasant or, as touched on, examples of honest ones don’t look like surely Deus Ex Machina.

I am uncommon. Has anybody read or watched one thing the keep a Deus Ex Machina second surely added to the yarn, or as a minimum did now not diminish it?

Naturally it can probably perhaps well be moderately spoiler heavy but I would cherish if of us could perhaps well warn at the beginning of responses.

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