Can anyone abet me bag a book from my childhood?

It used to be a memoir book referring to a society that will per chance well well practice dragons, I factor in for gladiatorial duels, however I factor in that that used to be restricted to the aristocracy? The foremost personality wasn’t supposed to accumulate a dragon, however he stole a pup, I contain, that used to be supposed to be killed (I distinctly remember the observe culled) anyway, and skilled it in secret whereas trying to head about his day after day working existence. All these struggles happen, then he enters it into the combat and goes throughout the following struggles to investigate cross-test and desire. Another time, I’m barely sure he used to be trying to pick out out his family out of poverty by a success the match.

I contain it can contain spawned a series, despite the indisputable truth that I basically remember one story. Sorry for the dearth of particulars, however one thing introduced about a memory of a myth that I enjoyed a actually very prolonged time ago. I’d contain be taught it within the listless 90’s or more likely early 2000’s. I contain it can contain been contemporary, however I will contain factual had a novel edition.

Some abet to bag it’d be expedient. The fitting other detail my mind is making an strive to offer me is the necessary personality’s name used to be Ealstan, however I do know that’s disagreeable because that’s a personality from Harry Turtledove’s “Into the Darkness” sequence, so I’m barely sure my mind is factual going “dragon story you cherished!”

I’m initiate to acknowledge to any clarifying questions, however I would possibly well well no longer contain very accurate solutions except the ask itself strikes a chord in my memory. Or no longer it is been a prolonged very prolonged time since I’d even even handed it. But there is a memory of joy, and I’d desire to survey if I will bag it again.

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