Is The Yellow Wallpaper idea to be a standard?

From my study I’ve considered it known as a standard in feminist literature and gothic literature, but it with out a doubt’s unclear to me if it is going to also furthermore be known as a standard as a total.

Here just isn’t a self-lumber but correct background info on my question: I started an Etsy shop promoting a “blind date with a e book” where I ship the purchaser a e book from my assortment in step with their pursuits. I correct got my first sale and the purchaser is fresh to learning and would love to be taught some classics and I unfortunately don’t have many correct classics. My other likelihood is an Edgar Allan Poe anthology. They furthermore talked about liking mysteries so I’m making the realization that darker tones would be k.

The inform reproduction of The Yellow Wallpaper that I’ve involves several important essays and 2 bonus fast tales by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I’m finest charging the price of transport so I issue if the vendor doesn’t love the e book I despatched they could well not be that upset, I’m correct if fact be told overthinking this attributable to it’s my first sale.

Thanks upfront!

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