Need recommendation on bookish matters

This would possibly possibly per chance per chance well also be a little bit of irregular but I need reader’s concept and relieve on this. I enticing done The Lord of the Rings series (re reading it for the second time) and I seriously can not conclude fascinated with re reading it another time. I’ve tried reading some assorted fresh books and I even don’t safe any interest, so I tried re reading a few of my favourite books to ease me into it. Furthermore didn’t work so that you just can carry in the Heart Earth universe I study the Silmarillion, and moved onto the History of Heart Earth, but I’m scuffling with it, I enticing create now not get it as involving and quite sophisticated to study in all honesty. So I’m abet to sq. one seeking to re study The Lord of The Rings and I enticing if reality be told feel that I will either now not develop it (I create now not indulge in now not finishing books that I’ve study sooner than) or I will burn out. Does anyone safe any recommendation ? Has anyone been in same situation ever sooner than ?

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