[Spoilers] To contributors which have read “The Fear” by Dan Simmons, I watched the TV sequence and I’d wish to understand if it’s charge studying it.

I was drawn to “The Fear” after studying the “Hyperion Cantos” (I am studying the fourth guide now), and was furious by the thought that of the story. Since I read the first “Hyperion” fresh, Dan Simmons has change staunch into a kind of authors that intrigues and impressed me the most, so I am very weird to read his other works outside the Cantos.

I rather loved the TV sequence, and I indisputably see the contact of his writing kind in how he crafted the aspects of the story. I am questioning if I must be studying the guide, so I’d wish to understand if there are differences between the purpose out and the unconventional (either within the myth development or within the device itself).

Also, relating to the epilogue of the purpose out (which may well be diversified from the guide), I am now not sure what in actual fact caused the demise of Tuunbaq: it was the poison of Goodsir within the our bodies the creature ate, or something associated to Hickey?

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