the greatest secret by Rhonda Byrne

Hi there everyone. I had no procedure of shopping for this e book the least bit – I confirmed up to chapters hunting for Alan Watts books and stumbled upon this… (out of curiosity of the name). Coincidentally ended up being about solutions Alan Watts also expresses and emphasizes in his maintain books….. and his quotes even seem within the greatest secret

(im not looking out to “sell” this e book to ranking it “sales” or other absurd spam form of posting btw….) correct concept id half a put up about it and ranking a conversation going…

Jim Carrey has been speaking to this, too, within the last decade and I by no scheme paid plump consideration to it… also Kanye West has been speaking about this in his interviews on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Dwell…… but everyone correct thinks hes “loopy”… when no doubt… its not correct them speaking on the fashion, but Many sages world huge dating encourage to 2500 years ago, and presumably further beyond

this e book is correct one thing else… lately I no doubt bear stumbled on this surprising accelerate to correct half the entirety ive been checking out and learning thanks to the substance it holds and how exceptional all of it’s miles… solutions that I could possibly well push aside and mediate as “loopy” are by some means making plump on sense to me….. its absurd how my thoughts took a 360 on the topic…. and since my mom couldn’t listen to my craziness (lol) I fundamental any other solution to right myself… no higher time than factual now to right it to the arena by know-how and the sources now we had been given…… okay rant over onto the greatest secret….

it speaks to:

– the “consciousness” we are

– how objectives are made of the identical substance that actuality is made of…

– actuality as an phantasm/simulation

– how we’re all avatars in a video sport respawning at any time when we die until we realize what we in actuality are…. (consciousness)

– the e book is packed with quotes from sages dating encourage to 2500 years ago saying the identical ingredient the “contemporary sages” are saying this day….

Talking on celebs cherish Jim and Kanye, I ponder what his…soon to be ex essential other(?) thinks of all of it… alongside with her entire family. I do know there must had been relatively a variety of bloodshed in snarl to protect this knowledge concealed…. (MAJOR CONSPIRACY) it seems Marilyn Monroe died over gleaming of files of the form and so that they blamed it on a “overdose”…. heard this one on the documentary named Unacknowledged that now airs on prime video) but with that distinguished Cash how may possibly well you not are wanting to speculate in data cherish this… I guess if theres a procedure for your head that may possibly well pause you but rattling….. can we not Get a disclose in one thing?) its all coming together 10L (all the interview videos and references are within the description of my YouTube video whereas you happen to would salvage to bewitch a watch) ive correct develop into consumed. I cherish the consumption. im having fun with gather this all out… theres aloof so distinguished to steal up on……

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