There are two unclarified aspects in The Sudden Guest by Agatha Christie that hounds me.

One other advantageous play (novelized by Charles Osborn), the set there are a pair of twists all by technique of and each chapter saved you turning the page.

Nonetheless in direction of the pause, the right kind killer MacGregor, is revealed to possess fallen in relish with Laura Warwick. Right here will seemingly be all by technique of his reconnaissance of the Warwick family. Nonetheless what I did now not comprehend is how Laura herself fell for him, that too on the day her lover rejected her in assumption of her being the “murderer”. Is now not it too some distance fetched, or used to be it a temporary weak point that engulfed her?

What genuinely used to be in the letter Mrs. Warwick (the mummy of the deceased) gave to Mac? Are there any theories about it, or is there a widely authorised answer I’m now not conscious about?

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